NAMM 2015 – Stompblox’ Modular Design For a Pedalboard of Any Size

Stompblox is a genius idea for pedalboards – when have you EVER bought a pedalboard and it’s been exactly the right size? For me, it’s exactly fucking never. Even when I built myself a Home Depot special, eventually I wanted to add to it. Well, now you never have to be stuck with the same size pedalboard ever again. Run out of room? Just get another and connect them with the thumbscrews – you’ve just doubled the size of your board. Need room for your power supply? Get their Extend with a universal power supply mount and attach it. They also have a single-pedal riser you can attach to raise one pedal above the others.


So naturally we had to see if they were as cool in real life as they looked on the internet (much like my attitude towards OkCupid) so we stopped by their booth at NAMM for a quick demonstration:

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