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It makes building your own drive pedal a snap!

VFE's highly prolific pedal builder talks tech on overdrives, design, and the Mega Pedal.

With the Gear Gods OD pedal shootout nearing completion, I've had overdrive on the brain for weeks now. I'm having

Wes Sleepwalks his way through this demonstration of how to properly use pedals. And how to properly play the guitar.

Growing up and learning about metal, I found a lot of black metal, generally, to be pretty silly. To me,

Make your rig Buffer than it already is.

Don't put it on rice, but it will add flavor to your tone!

If you can be Overzoid, can you be underzoid? Can you be just zoid?

Because more real estate on your board is something you'll always need.

The hippopotamus is the fifth deadliest animal in the world, but the Blue Hippo is the chillest sounding pedal in

We check in with one of the noisiest, heaviest guitar players in the game.

ISO a power supply for your pedalboard? The Iso-Brick might be the droid you're looking for.

Kurt Ballou and Brian Izzi of Trap Them run the table on the ultimate Swedish Death Metal pedal.