Overdrive Week – SnapDrive is a Modular Effects Pedal You Design

Add this to the list of coolest ideas for effects – the SnapDrive is a modular effects system that would allow you to swap different modules to design a pedal exactly the way you imagine it. The description says it’s for distortion effects only, but the concept could clearly be used for any kind of effect.


This is a great idea because, if nothing else, it allows for instant results with experimentation. What would an OD sound like with 2 Tone knobs in series? I want more bass – how about an extra set of EQs so I can crank it up? I want to put a boost before the distortion – no, after – and the tone stack at the end. I need more gain – add another distortion module! Why be limited to what a pedal manufacturer wants your tone to be? It’s the Lego of tone, for people not patient enough to Build Your Own Clone!

The demo of the prototype is a little low-budget, and the awkward voiceover doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But remember – great things often have humble beginnings, and the video demonstrates the massive potential of this concept:

SnapDrive is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. I’m really hoping they get funded, but it’s not looking good – if you think this is as good of an idea as I do, go give them some money, instead of, say, the new Megadeth album – one of them needs the cash, the other, well, you get the idea.

Update: they have added a pre-order as a perk – for $250 you get the base, 13 modules, a T-shirt, and 3 picks!

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  • Any indiegogo campaign that uses “flexible funding,” i.e., the project receives your money REGARDLESS of whether the goal is met seems scammy to me.

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