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If the world really is hollow, this guy's feet are going to break through and doom us all!

Not one but TWO video lessons from the Animals as Leaders mainman.

Legendary jazz fusion guitarist breaks down the fundamentals of improvisation. And smokes cigs.

Guitarist of choice for Halford, Sebastian Bach, and more runs down classic metal riffs.

His newest Thrash Course video may be the best yet!

Boy, does this vintage soda commercial from 1985 make me thirsty.

Click here to learn the subtle art of LUCID. COLLECTIVE. SOMNAMBULATION.

A guy from Los Angeles shows you how to play A Girl from Oklahoma.

Not really. His returns only accrue.

Or Kirk Hammett over Motley Crue. Or George Lynch over Iced Earth. Or

Jordan Lockrey and Cory Arford show you how it's done

Okay fine, it's a Jackson, not a Gibson. But I wanted to make the pun, and the body shape is

I may have to do a gear rundown with these guys one day, just so I can call it "Rigs