Are you “Condemned To Decay?” Then Learn the Riffs in this Carnifex Lesson

As the editor of Gear Gods, I’ve never been so torn about a news post. On the one hand, who wouldn’t want to learn to play all the sick ass riffs from Carnifex‘s “Condemned To Decay.” We’re all about playthroughs, lessons, and shredding, and this lesson from guitarists Jordan Lockrey and Cory Arford has it in spades.


On the other hand, we’re also about hi-fi recording, and the cell phone recording quality is killing me guys. Come on, even if you don’t have a great camera, you can still plug an SM57 into your laptop or something and sync up the audio.

Carnifex’s new record, Die Without Hope, is out now in the US and UK, and March 7th in the rest of Europe.

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