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I'm pretty sure these guys have PhDs in advanced mad scientist-ing.

But it's hard to hold a candle in the cold, cold Kemper reign.

No, the Eureka Prom is not a formal dance for people who are really into science.

No need to kemper your expectations: this is a quality pedal.

And its software, specifically designed to customize the footswitch for Kemper optimization.

Seriously, if given the record to record with or sans robot, you're going to pick the robot.

The band has recently moved to Kemper Profiling amps.

For those of you who want to pack your amp into a flight bag, but don't wish to spend $2000-3000

This time around Keith snags hosting duties from Jeff Loomis to show you some "Prelude to Obliteration" riffs.

Other points of note: the clasp, drumbrella, and tracking to no drums at all.