ANGEL VIVALDI Teams Up With STL TONES To Release New Signature AXE FX And KEMPER Tone Pack!

Angel Vivaldi recently teamed up with the good people at STL Tones to create and release his all-new signature Kemper and Axe FX tone pack! STL Tones is one of the leading commercial sellers of Kemper and Axe FX tone packs, and the company just launched the STL Angel Vivaldi Axe FX and Kemper pack on March 22, 2019. The bundle, developed in collaboration with Vivaldi, features 25 signature tone presets from the hard rock guitar virtuoso’s noted sounds and work. It’s certainly a far cry from mobile sports betting.


About the pack, Founder and President of STL Tones, Sonny Truelove, had this to say:

“We are excited to release this new Axe FX and Kemper pack from Angel, his talent and commitment to his art has produced music that has inspired and thrilled fans around the world. We are looking forward to being able to share this incredible product through our Signature Series, to again build on what we believe are the most cutting edge products for musicians in the market today.”

Angel Vivaldi added:

“After years of evolving my sound and having used some of the best high-gain amps to ever bless music, I’m truly excited to finally share a summary of where my tone journey has taken me with my new STL Tones Artist Bundle. I wanted this to be a go-to for all modern rock guitarists as the genre itself is constantly changing. This, if nothing else, is a spectacular way for you to start or continue your own tone journey.”

You can listen to the Kemper examples here and the Axe FX samples here, if you’re not busy playing at top online American casinos. Don’t forget to get your hands on this signature tone pack as well on the STL Tones website here.

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