LASSE LAMMERT of LSD Studio Releases Monster-Sized Tone Pack For Kemper and Axe FX


If critically acclaimed metal producer Lasse Lammert is about anything, it’s about tones. The savant-esque producer is nothing but a lean, mean, quality tones machine. And everybody knows it. They all say “Lasse, we know you have the tones, but I also want the tones!” And with a thunderous boom, Lasse replied “SO SHALL IT BE. AND FOR $69.99.” At lease that’s how I assume this went down. Anyway, Lasse just released a HUGE collection of pristine guitar tones for Kemper AND Axe FX.

And so far, it’s killing. There is a whopping 85 tones in this bad bundle, and you can do pretty much anything you want with it. Just check out these testimonials:

“Lasse did an awesome job at including pretty much everything a guitarist or a producer needs for guitar recording, and I mean, in every genre possible.” – Eric Jarrin, Despised Icon

“Anyone serious about guitar tones should own these profiles. Lasse really captured the soul of each amp in a monstrous kind of way.”- Christian Donaldson, Cryptopsy

So yeah, now you don’t have any excuses.

This whole thing is just $69.99, you can find it, along with a complete list of tones, on the STL website. If you’re itching to work with the man behind the machine, check out LSD Studio’s website for details on how to get in touch. Antisocial and don’t want to talk to anyone? No problem! Lasse has an extremely active YouTube channel with tones of information for you here.

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