Kemper Introduces the Remote – A Footswitch for Your Profiler

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is the primary rival to the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, and though each approaches amp and effect modeling in a different way, they are each a pillar of modern day metal tone nonetheless (and they weirdly play well together). They’ve been the Sharks and the Jets of the modeling world, the Armageddon and Deep Impact of amps.


But one thing the Fractal has had on the Kemper this whole time is the MFC-101 – the Fractal branded foot controller designed specifically for the Axe-Fx. While just about any MIDI foot controller works with either amp, having it set up specifically for the Axe is pretty nice. But Kemper users were relegated to these generic MIDI devices with no controller to call their own – UNTIL NOW.

Yesterday Kemper finally introduced a footswitch of their own – the Remote. Significantly smaller than the MFC, and apparently a bit simpler, the Remote nonetheless packs a lot of functionality. Here are some of the key features:

– Four buttons, which can be assigned individually for every program, can control multiple stomp effects at the same time. (This is from the website – I see 5 buttons)

– With a single click on a button, Remote turns into a fully fledged Looper control station. Loops can be recorded, overdubbed and deleted by using the buttons on the board. You can reverse, halftime and undo takes. The maximum duration of a loop is thirty seconds. The Looper is exclusively available to Remote users.

– The four TRS connectors on the rear panel can be used for continuous controllers and switches, such as a volume or wah controller.

Why they (like the MFC) have not included a wah controller on the pedal is beyond me. It seems like such a simple addition, something even my cheap little Behringer FCB1010 has 2 of. But, I’m sure they have a reason, and maybe it will become more clear when I actually use one.

The unit is rumored to be priced at $599 upon release, and will be available directly from Kemper.

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  • Unfortunately in the USA you can’t buy a remote if you already have a Kemper amp – they only come bundled with an amp purchase! I cannot figure out why.

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