Hold the Damn Phone – Fractal Audio Announces AXE-FX II XL

Just when you thought you’d gone out and bought the ultimate in guitar amp/cab/effect modeling, it turns out you were just being trolled because the next Axe-Fx is HERE! Introducing the Axe-Fx II XL, featuring more I/O and more memory for presets (up to 512 and 512 user cabs) so you can have 512 iterations of your 5150 equivalent with a Tube Screamer clone but each with slightly different gate parameters because that’s all this damn thing is good for.


Really though, the presets do get eaten up on mine faster than you would think, especially if you’re playing in some kind of cover/tribute band where you have a totally different tone for each song, or if you just like to get wacky with different sounds, and this new model also adds I/O options such as separate MIDI Out and Through where they were formerly shared as well as 2 onboard pedal jacks instead of the previous 1.

The list price has been revealed as $2,999.95, with the direct price coming soon.

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  • Hmmmm…wonder if there’s any difference in processing power/sound, or if this is just a memory and i/o upgrade

    • I’m guessing it has to be a hardware thing, purely based on how much fractal was able to do for the Axe fx 2 via firmware updates.

      • Well it’s XL. Maybe it’s just bigger. You know, back in the ’50s our magazines weren’t full of pictures of these airbrushed, waifish amp modellers. A real processor has curves.

        • Function over form?

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