BLIND TEST – Kemper vs. AX8 vs. Helix vs. BIAS Head

Ola Englund has put out this really cool blind test between the top guitar modelers around.  He is actually going to be putting out a video that compares all four of them, but for now we get to undergo the test of guessing which is which.  Honestly I had a hard time picking out one from the other. Out of the 5 audio samples, the real amp is actually in there.  This test is a testament to how far modeling has come recently.  So, get your guesses in to see if you passed the test!!




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  • Well whatever the results here, I’m sure we can all agree that tonewood isn’t real.

  • Wow,, very similar, but #3 and #5 sound best to this old man.. curious to see which is which. another Cool video from Ola….

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