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Trust me, videos of yourself hanging out with Erik Rutan are very difficult to fake.

A better look at the vocal tracking process this time, for the band's new record Phenomena

Here's some Nick Hipa and co. guitar tracking footage for the band's forthcoming album.

What we watched while the weekend whiled away.

That headline doesn't make a lick of sense, does it?

This time it's a drum feature instead of an orchestra. But I like to think of drums as an orchestra

Part one mainly focuses on the band's demo process

Man, everything with you guys is NAMM this and NAMM that. Can't we talk about Helmet for once? And David

These NJ instrumetal weirdos are finally releasing their full-length now that they've broken up and moved on to other successful

He'll keep this up until the new album next year.

I had a chance to talk to the band's vocalist/guitarist/producer Tim Narducci about the tracking sessions, and the band's approach

Visit relaxing studio in Switzerland, try to find reasons to get angry while sunbathing in mountainous paradise.

He is a drum machine fed on misery. Your sadness and jealousy just make him play faster.