Jam Sessions

Hannes Grossmann Leaves the Metal in his Rearview Mirror and Eats a "James Brownie"

It's a Liuteria GNG Brea Dr.V signature Absynth Amaranth, which I think is just a list of all the items

Maybe he arrived in his Chevy Devy, and drove it to the levy? I'd like to think so. Although I've

With these unique synth tones your drumming certainly won't be ig-Nord.

The guys were tasked with tracking a song and generating the tones using nothing but Toontrack's software. And their guitars.

Too little, too late buddy. It's over. We're done.

Felix's incredible tapping and slapping on that monstrous guitar made for the best demo we saw on NAMM day one.

He was there most of the day, wailing away on that electronic kit.

Straight to you from NAMM 2014.

He'll keep this up until the new album next year.

To hell with bass, Billy should hold more clinics on holding a clinic, because the dude knows how to hold

These Dimarzio endorsers have a lot to say about their own tone, liking each other's tone, liking each other's bands,

So, who wants to give up playing their instrument and take up huffing paint?

Two legendary musicians lay down some improvised jams.