This week we're giving away a Super Badass Distortion pedal!

A Way Huge Swollen Pickle may not sound like a prize to some, but rest assured, it's fuzzy. I mean,

This week we're giving away a System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit!

This week we're giving away a MXR Il Torino Overdrive!

Win strings and more good stuff from Ernie Ball.

We're giving away 72 Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III picks!

This week we are giving away an MXR Slash Octave Fuzz.

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This week we're giving away a Havalina Germanium Fuzz.

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Our JamPlay contest has been narrowed down to 5 finalists. Now we turn to the readers to select the best

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Because when your pickups need "No F***ing Batteries," you've got to do something with them.