JENSEN Nighthawk 12″ Guitar Speaker Giveaway

Every part of every signal chain is extremely important to your tone. Strings, pickups, cables, pedals – these and more contribute hugely to your sound. But the last thing you want to do is fumble it in the end zone, and for guitar, the end zone is the speaker.


Think about it – it’s in the word: speaker. It speaks – amplifying your guitar’s voice. If you have something important to say, but your voice isn’t working right, you can’t express what you’re feeling properly. So it’s important to have a good speaker in your amp/cab as it’s the final link in the signal chain, reproducing the every vibration of every thing you’ve placed before it.

Well, in that spirit, we’ve teamed up with Jensen Speakers to help one lucky winner give their tone a serious boost – we’re giving away a Jensen Nighthawk 12″ guitar speaker (8 ohms)!


Jet series: the 12” Nighthawk. The Nighthawk’s sound is warm, smooth and open with strong, throaty note definition which is complemented by crisp, clear highs. It has the perfect combination of growl, power and tone. The Nighthawk is the first Jensen speaker with a 1.75” voice coil. With its 51 ounce ceramic magnet and specially designed frame and cone, the Nighthawk deliveries 75 watts of rich tone.

All you need to do is fill out the form below and be the luckiest one of the bunch! Pretty simple right?

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