January 2014

Who knew Jason Statham could shred so hard?

Instead of throwing your Marshall at your MacBook, get your tube tone into your DAW with this all-in-one.

Cram this on your Hamer, then flam your way to good grammar you spammer! (?)

This is extreme slap bass from beyond the scope of time.

Ze Germans are here!!!!

I don't have anything clever for this one, just bang your damn head.

Better hurry up and sign up if you want Appice of the pie!

These Frenchmen came to Brooklyn to record an album at the worst possible time, yet somehow pulled it together.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

We're so excited for the Metal Masters 5 clinic, happening in two weeks. While there are still a limited amount

They'll help you calculate infinity in the face of option paralysis.

At least now Kanye has something to wear with those pants of his.