Kevin Talley Tears It Up with Suffocation – Footage and Interview

Direct from our besties over at Sick Drummer Magazine, we bring you footage of the sluttiest metal drummer to ever live, the amazing Kevin Talley (Daath, Six Feet Under, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Chimaira…) killing babies onstage with the living legends of death metal – Suffocation. From what I’ve heard this guy is the fastest learner you’ll ever meet, which makes him the ideal fill-in dude for any situation. It’s unclear from the interview what their ongoing relationship will be, but it appears that current drummer Dave Culross is totally onboard with him filling in and that the situation is fully nominal. So! With that in mind, enjoy the video and brief but informative interview, in which he reveals that he is a gun for hire (in case it wasn’t already obvious) who will compose and record drum parts for your songs or fill in for your tour. And hell if I’m not thinking of hiring the guy myself after seeing him play!


Also, in case you question his credentials, watch this video of him auditioning for Slayer.

Thanks to Sick Drummer for turning us on to this awesome video.

Click here for the interview on, and book Kevin Talley for your next recording or tour at

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