Something New You Can’t Spend Your Money On – The Djentstick

Superior craftsmanship is something you can’t put a price on. When you get an instrument that just fits, feels right, plays like a dream, and sounds like hot buttered pancakes with just enough syrup, it’s like it picks you. It’s like you were twins separated at birth, and then destiny has joined you again and you have found your other half. A well built guitar with extreme attention to detail in terms of tone, comfort, and attractive curves is a guitar they’ll have to pry from your cold, lifeless hands.


And then there’s the Djentstick.

UNNNFFFFF DAT TOP DOE. HNGD dude! So much want! How does it play? Specs? What kind of wood is that, and how does it affect the tone? Where can I get one of these? Can it ship to the EU? 10/10 would dj0nt. Is that the only finish option? Dat pick attack.LockingtunersgruvgearfretwrapsbareknucklesaxefxiitosinabasiMESHUGGAHstevenslatesuperior


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