Guthrie Govan Signature Charvel Prototype

Omnipotent shred guru Guthrie Govan spent many years being very closely associated with Suhr guitars, but in late 2012 he parted ways with the company and struck out to find a new home for his guitar needs. He settled on Charvel, long the favorite guitar of shredders of the ilk of Eddie Van Halen and Warren DiMartini of Ratt. The fruit of their collaboration can be seen in video below, along with a blow-by-blow description with Guthrie’s signature witty banter and some tasty licks to demonstrate.


It looks pretty sweet, with some classy touches, like the roasted maple neck and vintage Floyd Rose sans locking nut. It also has some mystery features in the works that Guthrie hints at which have stirred my interest. Custom pickups by Michael-Frank Braun and locking tuners from Sperzel round it out.

I’m so torn while watching this video, because I’m not sure if I ever want him to stop talking so I can hear the dang guitar because this guy is just so funny and charming. Especially in stark contrast to a lot of gloomier, less talented guitarists in more popular bands. It’s amazing what happens when you consciously decide to have fun, no matter the circumstances of your life or how much you are born looking like Jesus.

So take a lesson from Guthrie, kids. Practice hard, and don’t be a dick, and the world will beat a path to your door (and Marco Minneman will be playing that beat.)

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