Fly Gear: Black Sabbath Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Feeling like your feet aren’t surrounded by enough OG doom metal? Well now there’s a solution.


Converse released a new line of shoes yesterday featuring classic Black Sabbath album covers and artwork. You can get your kicks plastered with Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Never Say Die! and Vol. 4 album art. Not surprisingly excluded are Headless Cross, Tyr, Cross Purposes, Forbidden, Born Again, The Eternal Idol, or Technical Ecstacy, or any other of the ones you haven’t heard. Please be sure to gripe below if one of these is your favorite Sabbath album, because it’ll be fun to watch nobody agree with you.

These will also be great for girls, who are the ones who care about shoes.

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  • Sabotage is one of their best.

  • So then there is a shoe for the Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi album?? (Seventh Star)

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