The ULTIMATE Interactive Compact Modeler Shootout!

That’s right, our long-awaited compact modeler shootout is FINALLY here!


We headed out to YouTube Space LA where we gathered no less than eleven of the world’s finest and tiniest amp and effects modelers to shootout in a gauntlet-style interactive demo video! The units demonstrated in this gauntlet are:

  1. Line 6 – Helix LT
  2. BOSS – GT-1000
  3. Fractal AX8
  4. IK Multimedia – Rig Stomp I/O
  5. Headrush – Gigboard
  6. BluGuitar – Amp1 Mercury Edition
  7. Atomic Amplifire 6
  8. Mooer – GE 200
  9. Line 6 – HX Stomp
  10. Atomic Ampli-Firebox
  11. The Mystery Box!

In this shootout, we demonstrate four main tones from each unit: a hi-gain rhythm, a soaring lead, a classic crunch, and a super clean tone. Each tone is played both in a mix and soloed, so you can hear how they stack up for yourself. You can also A/B each unit by clicking on the timestamps in the video’s description and hear Trey’s thoughts on each one during the second half of the video.

We hope you enjoy and learn something because we had a ton of fun putting this shootout together. Enjoy!

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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