NAMM 2014: Kurt Ballou Tests Out the Orange OB-1K Bass Amp

You may have noticed that this upcoming Monday and Tuesday we’re sponsoring Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou, a free online clinic. We’ve mentioned it a couple times. Well the last of those times was in a preview that dealt with blending clean and distorted tones for bass guitar. Distortion reduces low end, so you blend in some clean to retain it.


Well Orange have a bass amp that does it for you, which Kurt happened to notice when he was giving us a demo of his new GCI guitar line. So here he is, messing around with the amp in question, Orange’s OB-1K. Note the little blender icon above the knob. But does it blend? Yup, it blends.

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  • If I wasn’t completely obsessed with moving away from SS/Hybrid stuff I’d give this thing a shot.

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