Chris Adler on His Drum Inspiration and More

It’s still weird that I’ve been commending Guitar Center of all places for doing great interviews, but here we are. If you’ve missed their surprisingly informative interviews with Metallica and Soundgarden, I’d highly recommend checking them out.


Now they’ve done a short piece on Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. To be honest, it’s shorter, less compelling than those other pieces I linked to. But there are a few nice little knowledge cherry bombs in there. Like did you know that the player that inspired Adler to commit to serious drumming was Shannon Larkin? Well now you do.

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  • Kick ass and awesome to hear his knowledge of all the instruments he played growing up….Motivating to hear he picked up the drums at an older age…Gives my older ass some motivation to play drums…I have an awesome kit and have yet to sit down and try to play…. But as he said, music is an outlet at least it is for me….As a disabled Iraq war Veteran suffering from bad PTSD, music is also my outlet and self healing….m/

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