It Came From The San Francisco! Kirk Hammet’s Terrifying Origins

Now that we have three dots we have a pattern, and not just a line. When I mentioned Guitar Center’s talk with Lars Ulrich the other day I hadn’t noticed that they also had videos with James and Kirk. What’s bizarre is that there’s no Rob interview, or at least my google skills are failing me. Come on guys, I know he’s the new guy, you have heard of Infectious Grooves, right?


So anyway, the James video has plenty of views, so here’s Kirk for you, the Luigi of Metallica. He may not have written the main riff to “Master Of Puppets” but he did come up with the bridge to “Creeping Death” when he was sixteen, and he can jump way higher than the other guys.

Source: Blabbermouth


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  • I like this one better than the video with james.

    • hmmmm…..nah. Informative for sure, but James’ interview is so revealing.

  • jesus how can such an iconic guitarist sound like such an idiot :( Kirk really should leave the interviews to James (and even Lars…!)))

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