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The 1992 classic, back again.

Obviously it's just compensation for a tiny piccolo.

Have a listen to this year's new compression and fuzz pedal units!

This week we're giving away a Green Rhino OD pedal form Way Huge!

A Way Huge Swollen Pickle may not sound like a prize to some, but rest assured, it's fuzzy. I mean,

This week we're giving away a System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit!

Don't put it on rice, but it will add flavor to your tone!

The hippopotamus is the fifth deadliest animal in the world, but the Blue Hippo is the chillest sounding pedal in

Designed in partnership with Carlo Sorasio, Italy’s premier boutique amp and pedal builder.

Why catch lightning in a bottle when you can catch sauce in a box?

This week we're giving away a Havalina Germanium Fuzz.

Opeth's sonic palette has shifted again on their new record, albeit more subtly.

Uni-Vibe and Echoplex pedals are pretty intriguing, and the Way Huge Javelina is a standout as well.

The new Phase 99, a Way Huge fuzz, a new micro amp, and more.