FIND OF THE WEEK: Someone Made a 28-inch “Gong Snare” and it Sounds Monstrous

Life Hack: Before you purchase your Gong Snare, be sure to check the dimensions of your door frame and allow for sufficient entryway clearance.


Hey drummers, have you ever looked down at your snare drum and thought “This is okay, I guess, but I really wish it was bigger. I don’t want people to think I’m, y’know…”? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted a snare drum that’s the approximate size of a direct-broadcast satellite television dish.

We’ve all been there.

Well, now your prayers have been answered. A boutique custom drum company from Texas, A&F Drum Co, have made an absolutely colossal snare drum dubbed the Gong Snare.

According to them, it’s the world’s largest snare drum. It comes in at 6″ deep with a massive 28″ diameter and is built-to-order with handmade raw brass hoops, shell, lugs and wires.

Look at it this way, if you ended up hating it, it’d probably make a neat table for vases.

As you can see in the video, the thing sounds like cannon fire accompanied by the stomping march of an approaching infantry formation. So I don’t think it’s gonna make it into the average drummer’s regular setup but I’m sure there are orchestral percussionists that are frothing at the mouth right now.

Plus, it’d probably be one of those “leave at home” bits of gear. I’m not sure that you’d be taking it down to band practice every week in your Prius.

Random question, at what point does a regular snare become a “gong snare”? Like, is there a regulation drum size where you can officially call something a “gong” x?

If you like the sound of this bad boy, own a truck and/or trailer and dgaf about drum kit Feng Shui, you can buy an A&F Drum Co custom Gong Snare over here. It’s a casual $2,850 USD, with a 10 week lead time. So you’ve got a bit of time (to pick up some extra shifts and replace the money from the shoebox under your parent’s bed) before it gets there.

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  • I want to hear this snare dubbed into St. Anger, or Meshuggah, or the Beatles. Anything really.

  • It sounds exactly like a gunshot, awesome!

  • Anyone else think this sounds like garbage? To me it’s like when you have a poorly tuned kit and the floor tom causes your regular snare to rattle, only this is on steroids, terrible.

    • Yup, sounds terrible

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