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Apparently some fans can't see the light even though the #veilhasrisen.

Drummer Dan Carle's got the chops - above and below.

Djent bassists, get in here for the amp that will hold your tuning no matter how low you want to

Drewsif and I have an intimate encounter.

I personally would have gone with DocumenterNaut, but what do I know.

There is no such thing as overkill.

Bass, how low can you - no wait, we already used that one.

This ties in two things we like: mini things and OD pedals.

Former Djying Fetus djrummer goes djent for djollars

I wish I had 2 of these so I could make a Caparison comparison.

Djentstick uber alles.

It's fine that everyone's using extended range strings now, but let's at lease use the entirety of that range.