Need I write more? The Djentstick, America’s response to the erhu, is being Kickstarted in a new iteration under the name FretPen. This tiny 4 fret guitar doubles as a quill to write out the cheerios tabs you chug out on its tiny single unwound string. It comes with an iPhone app so you can amplify it so your chunky riffs and shredding leads can scream through a 1 centimeter speaker and you can switch to different virtual strings on the fly.


Pledge to the Kickstarter campaign and you can pre-order a FretPen for yourself, including a signature (pun intended) FretPen from either Queensryche guitarist you like. *Editor’s note: I was going to ask which Queensryche, but I guess that problem is now solved.


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  • I would buy the shit out of this tbh

    • Same, is this actually for sale anywhere?

      • That feel when you don’t actually read the article. Only the advert :/

  • I thought this was cool til I watched the Kickstarter vid. I see no practical application for this.

  • No Android app? I know iOS/OSX has the best user/dev digital ecosystem, but come on. BOO! At least enough of us lit a fire on some devs butts to get the Dream Theater 360 app ported to Android!

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