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We interviewed the double-duty pedal builder.

Check out "Bridgeburner" performed live at GodCity Studio.

Courtesy of hate5six, is a GodCity-mixed, Audiosiege-mastered set from This Is Hardcore.

We talked shop with one of the top independent pedal builders in the game.

Who wouldn't want to watch Ben Koller in a three-way POV?

Check out some footage of Converge from the skinsman's POV (not that kind of POV, you sicko).

Once they legalize the marriage of humans and drum fills, Ben Koller's tom toms and I will be getting in

Every Time I Die converge with Kurt Ballou to make their new album

Have YOU ever wondered what it is like to be in Converge? Well then, today is YOUR day!

Without all that weighty self esteem that comes with actually being Ben Koller

Head over to immediately or weep in regret.

If I were king of basstopia all amps would feature built-in distortion and a blend knob,