RAY SUHY’s “Subjugation” Rips Across Intervals, Time Signatures, Super Hard Shreds


Last week, we were so blown away by the first playthrough sent to us by Ray Suhy (Six Feet UnderCannabis Corpse, ex-East of the Wall), that we’re diving right back in. His upcoming Fulmination instrumental EP is one of our favorite releases of the year: pure guitar-god madness that we know you’re going to love.

So we’re back today with a playthrough for “Subjugation,” a burner of a tune that sits somewhere nicely between the down-low tunings of early Mastodon, the rhythmic complexity of King Crimson, and the fretboard pyrotechnics of John Petrucci. Saeth Ray of the tune,

“Subjugation” was written after I first started messing around with AADGBE tuning a few years back. I like this tuning a lot because you can create these big interval jumps easily, have the low A to riff on and still have the normal top 5 strings in standard tuning for contrast..

This is one of the songs that really came to life when Victor Montanaro came up with his drum parts. The way he contrasts the different parts in the middle section of the song is awesome and put a different totally different twist on the feel of the song for me.

Pre-order the EP on iTunes or Ray’s website!

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