Rivers of Nihil Guitarist Jon Kunz Plays Through “Soil and Seed”

This is my favorite type of playthrough video: actual live audio. I don’t want to slight bands that play along to pre-recorded audio since these clips have become a promotional standard and not everyone has the means to properly track and mix new music to the existing backing tracks, while filming it. But when you can actually record a performance, and not just a pantomime? That’s all the better.


Here’s Rivers of Nihil Guitarist Jon Kunz in what appears to be an actual performance atop of the existing “Soil and Seed” recording. It gives a nice idea of his tone through that Orange Rockerverb 100 (interesting to note that he went for the Rockerverb over the Thunderverb). The pickups are both Lace Alumitones: a Deathbucker 7 in the bridge and a straight up Alumitone Humbucker 7 in the neck.

By the way, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the band’s van and trailer were broken into, at the St. Louis stop of the Devildriver/Whitechapel/Revocation/etc tour. If you want to help out the band they’re taking donations via paypal: riversofnihilpa@yahoo.com.

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