PRO MIX ACADEMY Offers The Best Deals On Learning Music Production With Their BLACK FRIDAY INSANITY SALE

Our friends at Pro Mix Academy are hosting some pretty wild deals this week as part of their Black Friday Insanity Sale, and we wanted to let you in on some of the incredible discounts that are available for the next few days!

The Killer Guitar Tones Bundle

Up first, the Killer Guitar Tones Bundle has been marked down 71% to just $97! This bundle includes the courses Guitar Tone Mastery by Chernobyl Studios and Total Heavy Guitar by Glenn Fricker! With over 10+ hours of materials from two world-class instructors, this is a major steal if you’re looking to up your guitar tone game. Follow MurrayNow for further updates.

The Ultimate Rock Mixing Bundle

Next up, we have the Ultimate Rock Mixing Bundle for a whopping 87% off at just $197 (marked down from $1558, which is insane)! There are too many courses here to name (23 to be exact), and 100+ hours of material, so if you’re looking to get damn near everything on Pro Mix Academy, this bundle might be a good place to start.

The Ultimate Hip Hop Mixing Bundle

Next, we have the Ultimate Hip Hop Mixing Bundle for 74% off at $97! This bundle features eight courses, including Mixing Pop with Ariel Chobaz, Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Hip Hop by David Gnozzi, and Mixing R&B with Bob Horn, on top of many others. With 26+ hours of material, this might be the definitive bundle when it comes to mastering hip hop in the studio.

The Mastering & Noise Reduction Bundle

Up next, we have the Mastering & Noise Reduction Bundle at 50% off at $47. Comprised of the two courses Audio Repair and Noise Reduction with Warren Sokol and Mastering Music with Warren Sokol, this 4+ hour course covers everything you need to know about what it takes to master your songs and get them radio-ready in no time.

The Ultimate Guide to Pro Tools

Next, the Ultimate Guide to Pro Tools is up with a 50% off discount at $97! With 7 hours of content to dive into, this bundle includes everything you’ll need to not only get familiar with Pro Tools but to master the DAW inside and out.

The Ultimate Guide to Reaper

Next, we have the Ultimate Guide to Reaper from Adam Steel at $97 (marked 50% off)! Another course with 7 hours of material to digest, this might be the most comprehensive guide to understanding Reaper in the greatest detail imaginable. Many metal musicians swear by this DAW, so there’s a good chance this might be right up your alley!

The Everything Bundle

And last but certainly not least, we have the mighty Everything Bundle at $497 (87% off)! This is for the ultimate Pro Mix Academy fan, as this bundle includes, well, everything! Over 150+ hours of material and 50+ courses on the website. Become a master of the music universe at a fraction of the cost of what it would normally cost!

We hope these Pro Mix Academy Black Friday Insanity Sale specifics were able to help you make up your mind as to which sick course best fits your needs! If you’re in need of more Black Friday deals, be sure to check out our Best Black Friday Deals for Musicians 2020 and the 2020 Gear Gods Holiday Gift Guide! Happy shopping!

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