Picture this: you’re laying on the couch after eating what was probably the most delicious meal of the year, nursing your over-stuffed belly, slowly dozing off into an itis-fueled dreamland as you ride the mashed potato canoe down the gravy river. But wait. Something’s not right. Something seems off. *gasp* Tomorrow is Black Friday! and you don’t know what to spend your hard-earned paycheck on!


Listen, we’ve been here and know how stressful this time of year can be, so we’re here to help. Here are some of the best 2020 Black Friday deals for musicians that we could find that will hopefully help satiate your desire for material goods! Hooray for capitalism!


Toontrack is offering an insane 70% off their EZDrummer 2 software for Black Friday – this is the best deal I’ve seen so far this year, I’d jump on this immediately if I were you.


Focusrite now has a sick deal on their Scarlett 2i2 Gen3 audio interface and sE Electronics X1S Studio Recording Bundle. This might be the perfect starter kit for those of you getting into home recording for the first time, and the deal is only available for a limited time, so get it while it’s hot!

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball is offering $3 off their Slinky Electric Guitar 3-packs through Sweetwater! If you’re in need of restocking your precious guitar string reserves, now is the time to jump on this deal!


This might be the best deal we’ve seen yet. iZotope is offering their Holiday Bundle for a ridiculous 95% off! The pack includes a whole host of their amazing plugins, including Ozone Elements, RX Elements, Neutron Elements, Nectar Elements, Exponential Audio Excalibur, Exponential Audio Phoenix Verb, Exponential Audio R2, Trash 2, and Iris 2. A more perfect plugin bundle for the modern home recording musician cannot be found!

XLN Audio

XLN Audio is hosting a 50% off deal on their RC-20 Retro Color plugin! For all those vintage and lo-fi sounds you’ve been after in your songs, the RC-20 has got you covered with its wide range of effects from distortion and grit to chorus and space FX.

REVV Amplification

REVV Amps is offering a few amazing deals for Black Friday this year, including their incredible line of preamp/overdrive/distortion pedals: the G2, G3, and even G4! Some more useful deals might be hard to come by.

Lancaster Audio

That’s right, Lancaster Audio has some incredibly sick deals on the IR Pack and Kemper Pack of Gear Gods very own Trey Xavier! Both the IR Pack and Kemper Pack are marked 50% off for Black Friday, and contain Trey’s favorite cab sounds and Kemper profiles. These are some of the most foolproof ways to improve your sound, so what are you waiting for?

Two Notes Audio Engineering

Two Notes Audio Engineering is offering up to a whopping 90% off their cabinet IR packs this year! Including Celestian, Mesa, Victory, and Bass IR packs, these are some of the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen yet when it comes to cabinet IRs.

RelationShapes Guitar Courses

That’s right, your favorite quick and easy way to learn scales on the guitar RELATIONSHAPES is also offering some insane Black Friday deals, as all courses are currently 50% off! Including RelationShapes 1: Scales, RelationShapes 2: Intervals, and Exotic Sweep Arpeggios for Guitar, the deals are a-plenty and also come in bundles for the first two courses AND all of the courses if you really want to invest your guitar playing!

*Whew* That should keep you covered for now, but if this list wasn’t comprehensive enough, may we recommend taking a look at our 2020 Gear Gods Holiday Gift guide? Happy shopping!


Neural DSP

Neural DSP is offering 50% off on ALL their Archetype plugins! The deal includes the Archetype: Plini, Archetype: Nolly, Archetype: Abasi, and Archetype: Cory Wong. This is an absolute steal for what you get, and if you’ve been eyeing up these plugins but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, now might be the best time to do so.

STL Tones

STL Tones is yet another amazing company that is offering 50% off on their products, but get this: they’re offering 50% off on everything they make. That’s right, everything. This includes products like ToneHub preset packs, AmpHub, the Tonality Series, and Ignite Libra. Head to their website to check out the amazing deals, and no need for a discount code, as everything is already marked down!

You may have seen our review of the YouTube Looper pedal from the good people at Vidami, and now the company is offering 15% off that very same pedal! This pedal puts advanced YouTube transport controls at your feet (play, stop, slow down, loop) so you can keep your hands on your instrument to learn the song! If our video inspired you to want to check it out for yourself, now is the time to hop on the looping train!

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