October 2014

They may look like space heaters, but what they'll really heat up is your music.

The Blotted Science mainman will release instructional videos detailing the theory and practice of Human Entomology.

The Unstoppable Killing Machine "Audio Boot Camp" continues to roll on. Can no one stop it? Well, no. Obviously. It's

U wot m8? Get Rect. The Lunchbox Revolution is now streaming.

Rumor has it that as this song was being written it went from Zyglmeh to Zyglnotbad before reaching Zyglrox.

Now SkyNet can transmit their orders directly into your ears.

Check out a live, multi-cam set filmed on tape. That's right, magnetic tape.

Because you love mixing in the box, and hate fumbling your way through software with a mouse in your hand.

Because using just two delays at once is amateur hour.

PRS joins the lunchbox revolution. The low watt, high gain revolution? The mini-amp revolution? We're still working on the title.

Hellfest is as good of a time as any to talk to Black Sabbath's guitar tech, Mike Clement.

Make off with a piece of metal history.

But what it unfortunately does not feature is Locutus of Borg.