Audiohammer Recording Engineer Eyal Levi’s Next Traveling Clinic Stop is Florida, with Joey Sturgis and Matt Heafy

When you last learned of Eyal Levi’s (Audiohammer Studios, Daath) Unstoppable Recording Machine “Audio Boot Camp” you likely thought, dude, I’d love to learn the arts of recording metal from Eyal and Chimaira’s Mark Hunter, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to travel to Ohio to do it. Well, unless you live in Ohio, in which case you gave a high-five to your imaginary friend and promptly reserved two spots (your imaginary friend has never been able to get a snare tone worth a damn).


Floridians, now its your turn. Especially Floridians in the Orlando area. If you live in Tallahassee or Tampa be prepared to weep or drive, or weep while driving. The next clinic will be December 11, 12, 13, and 15 in the impregnable city of the Mouse. And in keeping with the noble Disney tradition, Eyal Levi will be joined by a cast of special friends: Matt Heafy (Trivium guitarist/vocalist) and Joey Sturgis (the recording engineer behind Asking Alexandria, Emmure, and more). If 30 or so hours of intense music production classes sounds appealing, you can register at the UKM website.

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