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See, bass players get cool toys too sometimes.

Have a listen to this year's new compression and fuzz pedal units!

This week we're giving away an MXR vintage t-shirt!

This week we're giving away Dunlop Heavy Core bass strings!

This week we're giving away a System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit!

Don't put it on rice, but it will add flavor to your tone!

The hippopotamus is the fifth deadliest animal in the world, but the Blue Hippo is the chillest sounding pedal in

Designed in partnership with Carlo Sorasio, Italy’s premier boutique amp and pedal builder.

ISO a power supply for your pedalboard? The Iso-Brick might be the droid you're looking for.

Don't be such a little cry baby.

Is the JCM 900 unfairly maligned when compared to the 800? After hearing the gnarly tones on Helsinki Savagery I

4 vintage Ampeg, Sunn, and Acoustic heads, 2 cabinets, only the sound survives.

We spoke to the Gojira guitarist/vocalist about his hard-to-duplicate vocal delivery, guitar rig, and the band's cab sim secret weapon.