MXR Gets Crunchy With New Poly Blue Octave Pedal

The new MXR Poly Blue Octave opens up a whole new world of pitch-shifting octaves along with fuzzy, crunchy tones. The MXR Poly Blue Octave allows players to go one or two octaves down or up along with the option to control the level of each in the mix. MXR notes that even when shifting octaves, the pedal is designed to be polyphonic. Meaning basically that your octavated chords won’t sound like muddy static. Better yet, the Mono switch shifts the pedal into vintage mode to emulate classic pedals like the MXR Vintage Bass Octave and Octavio Fuzz.


Then there’s the fuzz side of things. The MXR Poly Blue Octave offers fuzz inspired by the classic MXR Blue Box Fuzz, and controlled by the Dry knob. The MXR Poly Blue Octave also features a dual-mode modulation effect inspired by the Phase 90, should you really want to get psychedelic with things (or just rip off Yob riffs).

The is available here for $199.99.

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