Eric Gales Raw Dogs Some Overdrive With New MXR Raw Dawg Pedal

Blues overlord Eric Gales is making the most of his Raw Dawg nickname and a partnership with MXR pedals. MXR has now rolled out their MXR Eric Gales Raw Dawg overdrive pedal, which has quite the name to live up to.


The MXR Raw Dawg lets guitarists get down and dirty with their tone thanks to a custom circuit and, perhaps more importantly, getting the blessing of Gales himself. Seriously, have you heard that guy’s tone? It’s unreal. The MXR Raw Dawg features output, tone, and drive controls to properly tailor your tone to your liking, and is housed in a pretty cool looking case.

You’ll also have a pedal named Raw Dawg on your pedalboard, which is a great conversation starter. And it’ll fit great on your pedalboard too considering it’s miniature size! So let’s see – great tone, great name, good size, sweet looks. I think that about covers it!

The MXR Raw Dawg pedal retails for $119.