MXR Goes Retro for New Deep Phase Pedal

MXR has a rich history of making great phaser pedals, and they’re clearly not stopping anytime soon! MXR has just introduced the MXR Deep Phase pedal, which they promise will err more on the “vintage phaser tone” side of things.


The MXR Deep Phase is based on a vintage circuit and is specifically design to be as versatile as possible. MXR points out the pedal is also designed to play nice with the low end of the EQ spectrum, meaning the pedal works great with bass. The company also mentions the Deep Phase pedal has been carefully designed to match your intended volume level when engaged, ultimately fixing the volume dropoff issue of the original Deep Phase.

The MXR Deep Phase is controlled by a Speed knob for effect rate, and an FDBK knob to adjust the intensity and sharpness of the phase peaks. The Deep Phase is available here for $129.

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