The low-end rager from Cannibal Corpse and Blotted Science puts his chops to work in new supergroup.

Move over Marcus Miller, Rob Scallon is coming for your crown!

The space metal nerd cred meter just started smoking and then exploded.

Tasty is the new shreddy. Nili's got both.

I'd also pay good money to see them in a rap battle, but this is a start.

Colorado thrashers show you what the meaning of tight is.

If you're going to have a twin guitar playthrough then why not give an angle to both necks at all

New playthrough is also a tribute to a little girl lost to the waterfall.

Fretless bass insanity to make you doubt your own playing ability all weekend.

It's a mess, but it's a fun mess!

Guitarists Corey Schaefer and Duane Conlon show how to play "13 Miles" while bassist Joe LoCasto breaks down his rig.