ANIMALS AS LEADERS – The Dunlop Sessions Pro-Shot Live In-Studio Performance and Interviews


How do you like your live playthroughs? Tight? More than one song? Interviews by all band members spliced in between? Well have we got a treat for you, and even better yet, this one’s got lense flares and mood lighting! Check out this sick interview and live performance that the boys in Animals As Leaders just filmed via the Dunlop Sessions!

Everything was recorded live at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley CA by a whole slew of talented gentlemen behind the scenes. This is a team effort, people!

The dudes kick it off with the mind-melting thumps of “Ectogenesis”, following it by “The Brain Dance” in all its mystic glory, and finish their set off strong with “Nephele”. As is expected, the entire set is as tight as can be, and not a note was missed, nor a beat unhit. Everything hurt afterwards, in the best possible way. During the interview segments, Tosin, Javier, and Matt discuss how the band got started, their current writing processes, and the relationship between the energy of live performance versus creating music in the studio. Really fascinating stuff, given that these guys have been one of the leaders in modern prog for the last ten years.

Being the machines they are, the AAL dudes just completed a tour in Asia with guitarist extraordinaire Nick Johnston. With no signs of slowing down, they’re currently preparing to headline The Madness of Many US Tour with Veil of Maya and Alluvial in early May this year. Yeah, that’s right US fans, you’re not gonna wanna miss this one. Tour dates and delectable deets can be found on their Facebook page and tour poster below.

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