Watch A Full Mayhem Set From Hellhammer’s Drum Throne

Black metal seems to always elude our normal round of news and playthrough coverage, which sort of makes sense, because it’s rare that the genre producers the kind of musician’s musicians that gear and theory nerds love.


But Hellhammer isn’t a normal black metal drummer – he’s one of the co-founders of one of music’s most notorious bands, Mayhem, as well as highly respected side projects like Arcturus. Like many first-wave Norwegian black metal musicians, Hellhammer is sort of a scuzzy, possibly racist/homophobic douchebag, but for fans of this kind of music, his style of drumming doesn’t get much better.

So I’m sure you will enjoy this full, 30-minute live Mayhem set from Hellhammer’s vantage point, recorded at the Fall of Summer festival in Torcy, France. Check it:

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