ALEX RUDINGER Drum Cover of “Graveless” by Periphery

We’ve featured Alex Rudinger (known for his work with Good Tiger, Conquering Dystopia, Ordinance amongst others) here at Gear Gods a few times and that’s for good reason – the dude is sick at playing the pots and pans.


This is a real fun one, Alex looks like he’s having a right good time. It seems to me that a lot of drummers, although technically efficient, never seem to really be into what they’re playing and never look like they actually mean it. Alex, however, is definitely having a blast (no pun intended) with this one and looks like he means every single hit. Check out the way he spanks the daylights out of the snare drum, power and precision personified.

“Graveless” by Periphery is a damn killer tune in itself, but with Alex laying down his own take on it, there comes a new lease on life to the song. Recorded at Mystery Ton Studios, the track shows off Alex’s open hand style which seems to add an extra flow, with the track poppin’ and bouncin’ all over the place, every hit is tied together with great fluency and smoothness. This cover has pretty much everything a good drum playthrough needs, great double bass patterns with some tricky handwork and blast beats thrown in for good measure. The result is a very interesting and satisfying drum cover. Watching this makes me itch to go and get practising myself, so give it a watch and get inspired.

Keep your eye out for some lovely drummer faces too.

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