DEMONIC RESURRECTION (feat. RISHABH SEEN) – “Matsya – The Fish” Guitar and Sitar Playthrough


Indian death metal powerhouses Demonic Resurrection are back with an all-new playthrough featuring not only guitar, but sitar! A match made in heaven, surely. These guys are known for fusing traditional Eastern sounds with loads and loads of heavy, symphonic shredding. If you have even the smallest flair for the exotic, these dudes are gonna rock your world.

This playthrough features the song “Matsya – The Fish”, which is the opening track from their newest album Dashavatar, released in March 2017. Showcasing the one-and-only sitarman extraordinaire Rishabh Seen (most widely-known for doing crazy prog sitar covers like this), this track is a perfect example of their sound is absolutely relentless. Even with Rishabh tearing up that sitar (we still don’t get how he does it), it blends in with the guitars super well, helping to keep this track is as tight as can be. They’ve definitely got all the familiarities of modern thrash and death metal riffage, but with a really unique twist.

Be sure to snag a copy of the new album Dashavatar from their Bandcamp in either physical or digital formats. You can also follow them on their website, Facebook, Twitter (@DemonicTweets), and Instagram (@DemonicResurrection).

Demonic Resurrection uses ESP Guitars, Laney Amps, D’Addario Strings and Intune Guitar Picks.

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