ANDY JAMES Slays Some White Hot Shred in “Made of Stone” Playthrough


Andy James has garnered quite a bit of attention in the metal/shred community over the past several years. First of all, the dude has stellar technique and is an all-around badass guitarist; it’s kinda hard to ignore that. Secondly, he’s also been a successful educator with his own online Guitar Academy, plus tutorials and instructional DVDs released through avenues like Jamtrax and Licklibrary.

This playthrough is all about showcasing his accomplishments as a guitarist who can write tasteful shred with ample melodic hooks, and execute it to perfection. Heard here, “Made of Stone” is the second track off of Exodus – his new solo record coming out May 5th via Urban Yeti Records. From the looks and sound of it thus far, it’s dead-set on being an absolute banger if white hot licks are your thing. And since you’re here, I’m guessing they most likely are.

You can currently preorder Exodus on one of a few major music distributors: iTunesBandcamp, or Amazon. At release it will be available on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music as well. Of course, for Andy James news, links to free guitar lessons, and a whole lot more, make sure to click your way over yonder.

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