VOYAGER – Happy Fun Riff Time with Guitarists Simone and Scott!


Simone Dow and Scott Kay, guitarists and bloody sick cunts in Australian progressive metal band Voyager, took an opportunity to play through some of their favorite riffs from the forthcoming Ghost Mile. A splendid time was had by all, indeed. The album isn’t due out until May 12th, but this video’s full of snippets to tide us over until then. It all sounds absolutely ridiculous, by the way.

Topping off excessive amounts of wicked riffage, there’s gear porn a-plenty in this album teaser. Scott’s weapon of choice is a Mayones Duvell Elite 7 with a Nazgul/Sentient load out. He’s paired that up with an Axe-Fx II/Matrix power amp combo into a Marshall 1960 cab. Deadly. Simone’s rocking a similar-but-different arrangement, opting for an equally prog-appropriate Music Man JPX 7 BFR. A killer choice, certainly. She’s also playing through an Axe-FX II powered by a Mesa Boogie Simulclass 2:90, all into a Mesa Road King 4×12 with a pair of V30s and a pair of C-90s. Keep doing what you’re doing; it sounds fucking great.

While Ghost Mile is still a month away from release (check the link for preorders!), you can pick up a copy of the album’s single, “Ascension,” in the meantime. Voyager are also heading out on an Australian tour with The Algorithm beginning May 11th that should be a rager. Don’t forget to follow up with Voyager on their official site or their Facebook page!

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