CIRCUITRY – Has “Perfect Vision” And Lots Of Fun In This Playthrough Featuring Their New Guitarist


Just a few days ago, and with a heavy heart, Circuitry announced the departure of bassist Jason Mingalone. In a bittersweet twist of fate, the band also introduced their new guitarist: Jason Mingalone (he’s the one on the dope Mayones). Congrats on the promotion, dude!

To celebrate, the New Jersey quartet recorded a guitar playthrough of “Perfect Vision” at the mall. Now I imagine the mall isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but factoring guitars into the equation definitely eases the pain. It also helps when the guitars you’re bringing are a .strandberg* (I finally stylized that right) and Mayones. It’s impossible to have a bad time surrounded by high-end axe royalty like that.

A couple years ago, Circuitry garnered attention with a cover of Africa’s “Toto” that found its way to MetalSucks. We also enjoy them here around the Gear Gods parts as well, having featured a handful of other playthroughs and a Rigged segment highlighting their uh, expensive taste.

For fans of genre-melding modern riffage, you can’t go wrong with these guys. I’d say the scene is beyond saturated at this point, but the majority of bands kinda have their own thing going on that sets them apart. Circuitry definitely do.

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