Tombs – On Working With Erik Rutan in the Studio & Their Gear

Mike Hill of the Brooklyn band Tombs was recently interviewed regarding the recording of their newest album Savage Gold (you may have tasted the coffee they produced of the same name), which was recorded and produced by Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal. In case you weren’t aware, Erik is not only the guitarist/vocalist/mastermind of Hate Eternal, but he’s also an engineer and producer who’s recorded such bands as Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Belphegor, Through the Eyes of the Dead and more at his own Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Mike discusses Erik’s obsession with tuning, the differences in his live and studio rigs, his go-to guitar, how to build a rig, and advice on shopping for gear. It’s also interesting to hear that they mostly used Rutan’s gear to record because he keeps it in tip-top shape.

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