Next Best Thing After Polka Metal: Harp Metal

You know, “the world’s only identical twin professional harpists” is a really niche claim to fame, but I guess you have to stake that claim where you can. I have to imagine it’s also a difficult thing to prove, but I don’t work for Guinness (huh… weird harp/Guinness connection there if you interpreted that as the beer and not the book), so I’m just going to take Camille and Kennerly Kitt at face value.


They’ve been known for covering Iron Maiden in the past with “Fear of the Dark.” Now they’ve returned for a double take with “Dance of Death.” I guess if my dreams of rearranging metal for polka won’t be realized then harp metal is the next best thing, since those outfits wouldn’t be out of place at Oktoberfest.

Source: Blabbermouth

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