“Glory Hole” in One… Video: Learn How to Play Steel Panther, from Steel Panther

I didn’t notice at first, but Steel Panther can play the shitting fuck out of their instruments. I’ll admit, it may have just been bias. I’ve never been a fan of spandex or pink guitars. And the songs are just so catchy that you don’t notice the skill behind them. Or maybe it’s just the band’s sense of humor, which is so metatextually silly that it’s hard to imagine the band members getting serious enough about anything to get to the point of mastery, besides maybe getting laid.


Well if you want to appreciate Steel Panther on a guitar level and not a “this song makes me want to get coked up and crash a Camero” level, why not learn how to play one of the band’s classics? It may be one of the top songs of all time actually, according to a reputable source.

Source: Guitar World

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  • Russ Parrish (AKA Satchel) used to be a Guitar instructor at the Hollywood’s Musician Institute and has multiple writing credits with Paul Gilbert’s band. Dude can play his fucking ass off!

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